Hi, I'm Caroline Stutson. I write picture books for children. Most of them are in verse, something I was told to never do when I was getting started. Actually, I give that same advice to other beginning writers: DON'T WRITE IN VERSE UNLESS YOU CAN'T STOP YOURSELF. If you can write your story in prose, do that first. Verse seems like fun but it can be challenging to make it work.

   I write in verse because I have Rhyming Disease . It's not catching, but it is very difficult to cure. I rhyme when I'm awake and pretty much every night when I'm asleep. You can tell that you have rhyming disease when you sit up in bed with really bad rhymes running through your head, verse you've been dreaming.

Right now, I'm trying INCREDIBLY HARD not to rhyme. Instead, I'm inviting you to hang out with me on my brand new website. Thanks for dropping by. Here's a poem of mine that was published in SPIDER that seems to fit my clothesline theme:

"My Grandma Hangs the Wash Up High"
My grandma hangs the wash up high
A line of fishes wiggling dry
With floppy tails
And clothespin fins
Help her reel
Sky Fish

Copyright 1995 by Caroline Stutson